Health and Support

The internet can be a great place to find out more about your health condition and get support, but it is important to make sure the information if from a source that you can trust. 

Health Education England share the following advice about using the internet when looking up health information:

Sites whose addresses end in, or are more likely to be reliable. web sites are the most reliable. The information on them has been put there by experts after reviewing the best available evidence compiled from high-quality research studies. websites are sites of universities or colleges. They are sources of good information but they are not government institutions. websites are produced by charities like Cancer Research or the British Heart Foundation. Because they are charities and not commercial organisations these are more likely to contain unbiased information. However, some non-profitmaking organisations can promote a particular treatment or course of action with good intentions, even though research shows that’s not the best way of treating a particular condition.

Further advice about accessing information online can be found here.


Some Trusted Health Information Sites